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Chelsea Blues

Presenting the musical lovechild of greats: Ella Fitzgerald x Erykah Badu x Amy Winehouse x Bobby McFerrin x Snoop Dogg - Chelsea Blues!


The Jazz & Soul Singer/Songwriter, from The Bahamas now lives in London, UK. Chelsea Blues is greatly known for her live freestyles, and spoken word.


Chelsea’s sound can only be described, as if one’s self, were to imagine a melting pool of colours; and warm sentiments, that guide you through a paradise of your own world. Chelsea Blues with her jazzy vocal strides and soulful compositions, pour out love and joy with every beat and tap of foot.

When you experience her message of “love self to love others" through her blend of new school energy and old school dynamics - it’s the combination that can't be missed!

You can see Chelsea Blues in action on BBC Music Introduction & SoFarSounds YouTube platforms.

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