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" some artist just have that special touch of soul to them. That soul that as soon as you hear their music, you just melt and feel like you can dream, while the music takes you to that special place you need to go to. Chelsea Blues is one of those amazing talents, who has that type of music."

chelsea blues x FREETLEGAL

“Chelsea Blues is power and softness united in a jazzy neo soul intoxication bathed in sunlight!”

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Curated by Girls, have chosen Chelsea Blues'new single "Hoping for the Best"as one of their music Crushes of the Month...



Go and check out the July edition featuring Chelsea.

Chelsea Blues -London Post newspaper

“This audio sunshine has been made to inspire hope”

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“Chelsea Blues sure delivers the goods and sprinkles us with a huge dose of self-love and bright optimism.”

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“Presenting the musical lovechild of greats -Chelsea Blues”

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His Excellency Ellison Greenslade, QPM, Bahamas High Commissioner, President of Bahama Host Association -Duchess Williams Alonga (left)

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